Porch 1  Screened Porches  Open-Air Porches  Make a home grow in convenience and value at minimum expense by adding a residential porch or enclosing a patio.

Provide a covered space to enjoy while adding distinction for your home for minimal cost.  Enclose an existing porch to create a new room or screen in a porch to entertain friends and family with all of the pleasant parts of nature without the irritation of mosquitoes and rain.  Adding space to your house adds value to your home when it’s time to sell.  RA Building & Design will provide you with exactly what you have in mind — spaces that look and feel the way you want them to.

We provide front porches that add a welcoming finish and entry to your home, or screen porches and open-air porches that can include tile or slate floors and fireplaces. We provide all design services, handle all permitting, ensure that we meet or beat all local buidling codes and coordinate all trades that are involved in your project.  

         Porch 1a   Porch 1b                                                  Screened porch inside and out.


 porch 4b  porch 4a                                                  Open-air porch inside and out.


open air porch with fireplace  porch with fireplace area 1                                                   Open-air porch with fireplace.


 traditional porch 5  front porch 7  front porch 8                                                       Front porch entrance.